The cast is pretty damn cute with Rafael Molina mostly stealing the show as Leaf Coneybear.

– Michael Strangeways, Seattle Gay Scene

Rafael Molina in this role is heart-warming. Though Edward starts his journey a bit brusque and self-absorbed, Molina portrays his growth and change with nuance and clarity.

– Kelly Rogers Flynt, BWW

Rafael Molina so convincingly portrayed Rene, that I was constantly vacillating between pure disdain for his personality, pure pity for his situation, and pure wonder at the resilience of the women who endure his tirades with grace or else send their own tirades hurdling back toward him. 

– The Stranger

Each character is granted a story and struggle, and in the hands of director and ensemble member Rafael Molina these flow smoothly into one another. Yet Molina makes room for brief missives, poignant wisdom delivered by the actors, sandwiched between stories.

– Seattle Weekly